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The incoming of android mobiles to the market brought all the service providers to launch their application suitable for smart phones. This way people are connected with their friends, family and love ones, even though they don’t have or cannot carry their personal computer or laptop when they travel. So far more than hundred applications are introduced but very few are popular and having large followers. They are Facebook, whatsapp, wechat, twitter and many more. These apps are mainly designed to operate in android and ipones. Many of these chat apps free to avail. So choose a option of your interest and sing in for it. Not all the apps are suitable for all kind of chatting. Chatting doesn’t mean chatting. Now the meaning is changed to video chatting. All these were made possible because of the availability of high speed internet connectivity.

Chatting does not mean texting. Now the meaning is redefined and it means communication may be through texting, audio format or video chatting and video conferencing. If you choose texting as a chatting option for you, just get the whatsapp and wechat applications. These are very excellent for people who are interested to text. If you choose video chat, you can choose the Skype. Video calling and video conferencing through Skype is very popular nowadays. It is not only used for chatting. Many of the multinational companies prefer to conduct the interview in Skype. So the person can be interviewed from overseas. Earlier the interview will be through telephones. Now it is changed to video conferencing. Many of the scientists are delivering lectures and presenting papers through Skype.

The very popular social pages are launched their app which can be used in smart phones. Facebook, twitter and yearbook have launched their apps few years back which is ruling in the first place. Most of the apps are launched to be available for free. If you want to find the one, just search for chat app free, you will get more than hundred apps. But before signing in, just decide what kind of service you need and then choose the right app.


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